I am new to Ubuntu, but I decided to install it on my newly gained Macbook Pro 11.2.
I have four issues:

  1. In live mode, the screen crushed, I can hardly see clearly unless I plug in an external LCD.
  2. In installation, I can't see the option install alongside with OSX
  3. After installation, the screen fixed, but I can't get the wifi to work, because there is internal error(Broken count>0) that stops me from using sudo apt-get install bcmwl-kernel-source And any command like sudo apt-get -installwouldn't work. DKMS is also missing.
  4. When I reboot, trying to boot MAC, the OSX never shows up. For 32-bit, it doesn't allow me to boot, for 64-bit, the screen keeps showing nothing for a long time before I reboot.

Basically, I followed the instruction here:
I didn't use reFind or reFit. I burned the iso into a USB drive and partitioned free space for Ubuntu.
I highly appreciate if anyone can resolve any of the issues.