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Thread: Using VLC contribs.

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    Question Using VLC contribs.

    When building VLC using contrib method, it's documented...
    Here --->
    % mkdir native
    % cd native
    % ../bootstrap
    % make
    But doing this, it compiles a whole bunch of libs.

    Is it possible to pick and choose?

    For example, if gnutls is needed (because Ubuntu's is too old).
    Could I compile only gnutls from contribs?

    gnutls needs nettle, and nettle needs gmp.
    So I'd need to build gmp then nettle then gnutls.
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    Re: Using VLC contribs.

    I have never really looked at using the contribs (although I pillage the rules.mak files for the options that the vlc developers use!) but if you run make list there should be a list of available packages. For gnutls you should be able to then simply run make gnutls to compile only gnutls, but as you have mentioned you will need to have all the appropriate -dev files preinstalled... Might be just as easy to compile your own or simply wait for Trusty!

    Beyond that I am no more help I am afraid . Looks like make only downloads the files, patches them and places them in native, perhaps the vlc compile process looks here and compiles?
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