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Thread: Endless Loop "Trust This Computer" Iphone5S

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    Endless Loop "Trust This Computer" Iphone5S

    When I connect my phone to the computer, it asks me if I want to trust the computer. I tap on "Trust" and nothing happens. It just asks me again and again and again.

    I have installed ifuse, libimobiledevice4,libusbmuxd2, usbmuxd.

    On my laptop with Puppy Precise 5.6.1, it opens the phone just fine. What's missing on lubuntu 13.10 with 3.11.0-15-generic?

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    Re: Endless Loop "Trust This Computer" Iphone5S

    It seems that this is an iOS 7 problem, well-motivated but inconsiderately implemented. It only started being a problem for me when I let the iPhone upgrade to iOS 7.1

    I found a solution at

    Quoting from that for 13.10

    For 13.10 you can download the .deb package from the launchpad site here.
    It worked for me. Download that .deb file and then
    sudo dpkg -i xxx.deb
    "Worked" means that in nautilus I was then again able to navigate to my photos, double click to view and then copy to local disk - because that's all I need to do. YMMV.


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