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Thread: Computer as an external CPU on another computer?

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    Computer as an external CPU on another computer?

    Let's throw out the "let's check if he's an idiot" tests and get to the beans:

    One computer. Another computer, possibly over ethernet, showing up as a "CPU" for all OS/program purposes on the first.

    Is this possible in Linux? Where should I start looking? Are their projects dealing with this? I vaguely remember someone writing an ARM core emulator that utilized a rarely used feature in linux called an "external processor" which let his little microcontroller run threads.

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    Re: Computer as an external CPU on another computer?

    What I think you are describing is a cluster--combining CPU's from different machines to perform a single workload. Yes, it can be done, but not in the way that you described.

    You can always ssh into the remote computer with X-forwarding and run that computer's desktop on your desktop. So now you have two computers--one in each workspace. You can share data between them, but that requires setting up some dedicated file shares.

    Some reading: (old data, but gives some background)
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