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Thread: Remastersys fail?

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    Remastersys fail?

    I'm tring to create a clone of my current system with remastersys and eventually a backup but it fails.
    Here are the only errors in the log file..

    Cannot stat source directory "/Net" because No such file or directory
    Removing the ubiquity frontend as it has been included and is not needed on the normal system
    Calculating the installed filesystem size for the installer
    Removing remastersys-firstboot from system startup
    The filesystem.squashfs filesystem is missing.  Either there was a problem creating the compressed filesystem or you are trying to run sudo remastersys dist iso before sudo remastersys dist cdfs
    Any ideas??

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    Re: Remastersys fail?

    Does the filesystem include an NTFS? If so you could read this.
    I'm not sure that is totally applicable but the poster there did get a version of remastersys to go through it's process without erring out.
    Good site to search for guides & how-tos.

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