Is there a trick to save the contents of the Play Queue to a file and then restore those contents later? I can save by right clicking on the Play Queue icon, then Save to File... But after clearing the Play Queue, right clicking offers only Clear Queue, Shuffle Queue (both greyed out) and Save to File; no Load from File, which is what I want. When I try to restore via Music->Playlist->Load from File, selecting the "Play Queue (n).pls" file previously created, then Open, no information is loaded into the Play Queue.

Fwiw, the .pls file seems to have reasonable-looking info in it, a File and Title line for each of the podcasts that were in the Play Queue at the time. My motivation for the question is that the Play Queue is the only mechanism, apparently, for playing podcasts (can't add them to a Playlist), and whenever the Play Queue is non-empty, I can't play music. I often want to take a break from the podcasts to listen to some music, but after spending significant time assembling the set of podcasts, I really hate to go through the effort again just to switch modes for a while. My first choice would be for the Play Queue to act like just another Playlist, to be able to switch among them, but barring that capability, I'll take a Save/Clear/Re-Load protocol.

Any suggestions? TIA.

Ubuntu 12.10
Rhythmbox 2.97