Videoclip made with Kdenlive - Manjaro, end format WebM, audio Ogg: Videoclip "A" (BEN SENMEDO).

The song is in Gallego, a language that people speaks in the North-West of Spain.

Letter of "A" in English:

In this black horse I'm going to walk between the rain,
they fall disks and seas cry out victory.

I listen to the ripple of the good souls still death,
for me it will never be late, when the fight will be good.

I rush forth at the bad management of the power,
I leave the jewels, I choose only the pieces of chess.

One night, any day, waiting.
One night, any day, waiting.

People are not silly sheeps,
we mount horses, we take the bridles.
The souls without fear ever win the larvas,
I don't tremble with idiots, you will never see flights.