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Thread: Laptop beep on startup -- no graphics

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    Laptop beep on startup -- no graphics

    I have a Pangolin Performance from System76 and every time I turn it on, I hear two beeps and the screen remains black. I should add that my screen is broken, so I've been connecting the laptop to an external monitor, but the monitor doesn't pick up on anything either. I can hear the usual noise coming from the laptop and pressing Fn+F11 (to switch the wireless card on/off) switches the light at the front of the laptop as usual, so the laptop appears to be on. I've had this laptop for close to 4 years, so I'll probably just get a new one but I'd like to see if there's any way to fix this so I can use it for the time being and hopefully recover the files on my hard drive (should've done a backup ).

    Thanks for your help in advance!

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    Re: Laptop beep on startup -- no graphics

    Two long beeps or quick short ones?

    Long beeps may be indication of "RAM absent" or "CPU absent" (loose RAM or CPU, or indeed gone). The wifi light indication doesn't necessarily mean the system is 'On', especially if you didn't use to hear those beeps when it was working.

    Open the case or cover that covers the RAM, and pull it out > clean with a dry, clean cloth or brush > re-seat it properly > Power on. Chances of a loose CPU in a notebook are next to zero, but I'd try that anyway if fiddling with RAM doesn't solve the problem.

    Also, if the motherboard battery is in a user-accessible area (or if you open the entire case), check it as well, it might be dead.
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