New to Linux here,

I originally downloaded a copy of Ubuntu 12.04 LTS and used the pendrive application to create a bootable USB.

Installed 12.04 without any trouble and when it asked to reboot the machine i pulled the USB drive and booted.

The system attempt to boot ubuntu but quickly flips back to a text UI repeating several lines about "First FIS Failed, gave up waiting for Root Device" it would wait for a few minutes then repeat the process.

I did a little reading and went into the bios and changed the device settings for the hard drives to ahci and this did not help either.

Downloaded the 13.10 and reinstalled to see if there was a difference if i had the ahci on before the install. When i got to the screen in the install UI with the map and the time zones, a window popped up asking me about GBT Table. There were 2 choices in this window, neither were clickable, the window was drag able so i moved it out of the way and carried on with the install. As i got to the next screen set of options the GBT Table warning was gone. Install finished and asked me to reboot. Same issue as first insall.

I grabbed a copy of fedora dropped it on usb drive installed and same issue there as well.

I have reinstalled windows on my machine but i would really like to know what im doing wrong or if i try again what information i need to better help resolve this.

Im getting the impression its a setting on my motherboard or a hardware issue.

Thanks in advance,