Hello all,

I'm in possession of a 4K screen with 4 HDMI inputs, each for 1/4th of the screen.
In windows, I had no trouble using eyefinity to bring all the quarter screens to make a single monitor. (using a firepro V7900) However, I can't seem to do the same in ubuntu. I could re-arrange the quarter screens, but there would still be 4 desktops, so there's an annoying horizontal bar in the middle of the screen and is visible unless I put a video fullscreen (I must even use a compiz hack for most video players to go on proper fullscreen). Additionally, there is visible tearing in the middle of the screen when visualizing videos. This tearing issue does not occur under Windows.
the situation is similar when using an Nvidia NVS510 card.

is there a way to make the 4 screens as one big screen ?