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Thread: Very slow while opening up new applications

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    Very slow while opening up new applications

    I am new to the Linux platform and have been experimenting with KUBUNTU and LUBUNTU on a fairly old HP laptop (Intel 1.73 Ghz dual core processor, 1 GB RAM, 160 GB hard disc, GeForce 7400 nvidia graphics card). I recently revived it from a crash and don't want to use windows anymore

    I installed KUBUNTU first and soon realized that LUBUNTU would suit me best. I purged the KDE components and installed the LUBUNTU desktop as described in various forums. I have also installed standard programs like VLC. libreoffice, gimp, cheese etc.

    There's a dramatic change in the speed and the system runs very smoothly. But the only problem I have is that the system takes a while to load applications. I need to wait c.5 seconds before an application (like Chromium, firefox, folders, vlc....) would load. After loading the system runs very fast, smooth and without any issues.

    Please suggest if I could make any changes to decrease the loading time for applications. Thanks
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