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Thread: PC freezes on Boot Menu (GRUB 1.99-21, ubuntu3.14)

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    PC freezes on Boot Menu (GRUB 1.99-21, ubuntu3.14)


    I have been using my old amd64 desktop machine to run some ubuntu (i belive it is 12.04 if im not mistaken) to do some work on the desktop pc. Now all of a sudden it wouldnt boot up and always freeze on the grub screen. it says linux 3.5.0-45-generic (if that information is of any help). i havent changed anything in the configurations lately and it has worked like a charme for a couple of months before. it doesnt accept any keyboard input and rebooting doesnt fix the problem. i have tried different keyboards. i can get into the bios, and the keyboard works there.

    does anybody have a clou where to look?

    thank you very much in advance!

    best regards

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    Re: PC freezes on Boot Menu (GRUB 1.99-21, ubuntu3.14)

    I would suggest you get RescaTux and have it repair Grub.They pretty much walk you though it, but if you need more help just let us know.


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