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Thread: msi-7104 built in ethernet port is extremely slow?

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    msi-7104 built in ethernet port is extremely slow?

    the mb ethernet port is extremely slow.

    2.0mb/sec, so it can barely work.

    The line is good, it connects a gb speeds with another pc.

    This is a new trusty install.

    Any utils to test?
    I have a pci gigabit netgear card, but put that in the pc, and it will not even power on. That card works fine in another pc.
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    Re: msi-7104 built in ethernet port is extremely slow?

    Have you confirmed that it is not a samba share issue and is consistently the same across all kind of network traffic?

    By the way, 2MB/s = 8 x 2Mb/s (not that it is satisfactory though)

    I would take a look at these :
    ifconfig # dropped packets? lots of frame errors etc.?
    ping <any local device> # too much delay time?
    sudo ethtool eth0 # to view current settings of the interface eth0
    I would try these -

    * Change the MTU value from default (1500) to 1492 or 1392.
    * Change the link speed to 100 Mbps/Full-Duplex with the following -
    sudo ethtool -s eth0 speed 100 duplex full autoneg off
    Neither is very promising, but sometimes they help.
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