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Thread: live streaming desktop

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    live streaming desktop

    Hi, mor room mate is a graphics artist and today she lost 3 hours of work via painttool sai crashing (****in windows) so we have painttoolsai on ubuntu 12.4 and on windows 7. now part fo ehr business is live streaming her drawing. meaning she uses to allow other people to view her desktop while she draws. she doesnt want to use windows to do har art anymore, and still wants to eb able to live stream her work. can you inform me of any ubuntu or linux based programs that we can use to allow other people to live view our desktop while we work?

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    Re: live streaming desktop

    It seems that it is possible to use with Wine.
    Please ask Google, check the man pages, and search the forum before creating new threads; that may help you narrow down/solve the issue.
    If your issue is solved please use the Thread Tools menu above your original post to mark it as such.


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