Hello friends. I have some questions regarding Deja Dup. I see Deja Dup has two options to remove old backups... 6 months and 12 months. It conveniently says that it will remove old backups if the space is low on the destination. Problem is I have a server with a lot of space - but it does a lot of things. I don't want Deja Dup to keep firing out backups to my server, over and over and over, eating up space as much as it wants despite my need for space for other services, such as video surveillance, web server, ownCloud, etc.

Is there any other way you can further control how Deja Dup operates? Perhaps by limiting the size (quota?) that a specific directory can be? I got to thinking if I could limit /media/storage/dejadup in size, then it would ensure that /media/storage/video_surveillance isn't under any sort of limitations either. This whole 6 and 12 month thing is laughable for people who use their 'backup' servers for more than just... backups.

Either that or I'll stick with Back In Time, who seems to be a little more logical in terms of controlling an application to work for the needs of users in a situation like this.