I have an older game that I have just installed in WINE, a Star Trek game called Deep Space Nine: The Fallen, based on the Unreal Tournament engine. I have applied the last/latest patch that was released for the game.

While the game does run and play, any "text" that appears in the game (rendered in graphics mode) looks corrupted. It's readable, but not well. I'm not sure how to take a screenshot in a full-screen game on a keyboard with no PrtScn key (Acer C720 Chromebook, 4 GB), so here are a few photos taken with my phone to illustrate the problem. http://imgur.com/a/b4HbF

The WINE version is the latest (as of last night) from their PPA, v1.7.13. I am also using a WINE "frontend", "PlayOnLinux", from the Lubuntu (13.10) Software Center.