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Anyone had any luck?
Yes, at last. I backed up my home directory, ran the live DVD, deleted all . files/folders in ~ except the ones I needed:
and re-installed Ubuntu 12.04 (amd64) using
/dev/sda1 (type efi) as "Device for boot loader installation",
/dev/sda2 (type ext4) mount as / with format option,
/dev/sda4 (type ext4) mount as /home - *NO format option*

This worked fine. The above files/folders were untouched (or at least work just as they used to) and new hidden stuff was put in my home folder.

This had the added advantage that I have finally been able to install Skype and Wine on the computer - maybe there was a lot of cruft from repeated installs that was kept in my home folder? Certainly Ubuntu Software Centre's history knew about everything I did through four installs where / was formatted each time. Now history begins today.

So maybe some of these dependency problems are caused by files stored in the home folder?