I'm a fairly new Ubuntu user and from the installation on nothing seemed to have gone wrong. Until one day, I saw the update manager wanted me to update certain things, including a newer kernel+source, but when it reached that update it got stuck, and i couldn't continue it or end it. That was really strange.
Then, after a while, Ubuntu starts to receive internal errors, and my firefox crashes unexpectedly continuously. The error reports that certain packages are not matching the required version or sth... so maybe some of the system files are getting corrupted? I had a hard disk corruption a short while before this all happened, but I'm using SSD and windows managed to solve all corrupted windows files, so maybe linux is corrupted? Please help me out, its very confusing. Is there also some sort of ubuntu checker that could verify whether or not it is still working?
Then one day, i read about the md5 checksum or something like that which you need to verify to image of ubuntu when you installed it from downloaded image, which is what i did. However, nowhere on the site indicated to me i had to do some checksum to check my image I burned on the cd, so maybe my image was missing some bits? The installation process was successful, nevertheless.
Please help me out, i want to use ubuntu and develop in C++ for linux, which is now virtually impossible ...