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Thread: What will Ubuntu Phone OS work on

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    What will Ubuntu Phone OS work on

    I haven't been able to find a list of the hardware it will work on when it's released (in April I think?), unless it's the same as what is running the beta right now.
    The reason I ask this is because I just broke my iPhone (got it free), and know that I do not want to run that OS if I'm paying for a new phone, and I've ran Android, and its the same, I do not want to pay for a device just to run some half ass touch OS.
    Now I don't mean to offend anyone with this, I just personally don't like either of those OS's, its either iPhone's and Apples crazy control that I can't do anything but what my mom uses her phone for (Facebook and web browsing) and I just find Google creepy, they watch everything to much, and integrate to much.

    I love Ubuntu OS, and loved what I saw of the Phone OS, even if there are little to no apps to start whatever, I much prefer a proper free and corporately separate OS!

    P.S. will it run some Linux programs? All I really want is web, email, and emulators to play GameBoy all I have ever really wanted to play on my phone was Pokemon from GameBoy.

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    Re: What will Ubuntu Phone OS work on

    From what I read, the phones will come with Ubuntu preinstalled -- much the same as Android phones come with their OS preinstalled.

    Canonical has been saying for some time that they have no intention of releasing the OS separately -- for consumers to install themselves.

    I remember reading about this and didn't recognize either of the companies signed up to release the phones.
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    Re: What will Ubuntu Phone OS work on

    all I have ever really wanted to play on my phone was Pokemon from GameBoy.
    Tell the developers of that Game to port their game to the Ubuntu click store (software centre for the phone/tablet). By the way, do not expect a Ubuntu phone to run desktop applications. The user experience will be awful. Do expect in about 6 - 18 months time to be able to buy a Ubuntu super phone or tablet that will turn into a PC when connected to a Monitor. Then the usual desktop applications will run as they normally do and the phone apps will also be available and will scale to the correct screen size.

    This page will tell you what devices community developers are porting Ubuntu to. How successful they are is anybody's guess.

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    Re: What will Ubuntu Phone OS work on

    DonutFUN; Hi !

    In addition to grahammechanical's list of links;
    Add this biggy as the resource for what is and will be in the mobile world:

    it is
    a happening thing
    THE current(cy) in Documentation:

    Happy ubuntu'n !

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