I have a HP ML350 G5 server that I have been attempting to install Ubuntu Server on with no success.


I have downloaded the suggested 10.4.04 to a dvd, cd, usb and nothing. Tried all the other versions 32/64bit and nothing.

I boot from install media and get to the splash screen, select install server and the next screen is either completely black or it's black with the blinking cursor.

I've tried:

type F6 and tried the nomodeset option
tried all of the other advanced options
flashed latest bios
tried a couple of options in bios
tried every possible version of Ubuntu and install media type

I've searched and searched and everyone seems to have the issue AFTER they have installed and reboot with GRUB. I can't even install! Any suggestions?

It might be the video card? But it's the onboard card and no one else seems to have the issue and it's certified.

Thanks in advanced!