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Thread: create a permanent mount for stfpuser

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    create a permanent mount for stfpuser


    I have a 12.04 LTS running as a webserver and need to be able to access a folder within the file structure via sftp for users to download various files. Currently I use "sudo mount --bind /mnt/data/www/ /home/sftpusername/web" to create this link so that I am not giving the sftpuser direct access to the whole web site, just the area they need.

    However this does not propagate through a reboot so I need to re-enter the above command every time the system is rebooted. I know there must be a way to have this set so that even after reboot the mount is still present, I just don't know how. Is there a safe/standard method of achieving this?


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    Re: create a permanent mount for stfpuser

    /etc/fstab is the normal location for systemwide automatic mounts.


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