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Thread: Landscape Sysinfo Missing

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    Post Landscape Sysinfo Missing

    Hello all

    I am using a famous hosting provider which provides me with dedicated root servers. A few years ago, i had ordered a server running the (new, then) 12.04 LTS 64bit version, and whenever i log in via ssh, i see something like :

    System information as of Mon Feb 24 00:09:30 UTC 2014

    System load: 0.07 Processes: 148
    Usage of /: 38.4% of 687.17GB Users logged in: 1
    Memory usage: 12% IP address for eth0:
    Swap usage: 1%

    At first, i did not care for this info, but i got used to taking a glance at it.

    A few days ago, i ordered another 12.04 64bit dedicated root server and the greeting banner is missing. I tried if the "landscape-sysinfo" is available. It is not and a) i do not know what to install in order to make it available, b) i don't know how can i automate the appearance of that greeting banner.

    Also, it got me thinking that maybe that "landscape" service was available then, but is deprecated or obsolete now?

    Please assist.
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    Re: Landscape Sysinfo Missing

    It's in the 12.10 repositories so I presume that it is still in 12.04. Perhaps it is not installed by default?

    tgalati4@Mint14-Extensa ~ $ apt-cache search landscape
    landscape-client - The Landscape administration system client
    landscape-client-ui - The Landscape administration system client - UI configuration
    landscape-client-ui-install - The Landscape administration system client - UI installer
    landscape-common - The Landscape administration system client - Common files
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    Re: Landscape Sysinfo Missing

    Either it is not installed by default, or my server provider has messed with the default installation scheme. Thank you for your answer. After installing those packages, will i have to take any extra steps?

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    Re: Landscape Sysinfo Missing

    No, just install the landscape-common package and it should update the motd the next time you login.
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