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Thread: older PC with CD for install

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    older PC with CD for install

    I have an older PC (Pentium) with about 1 GB RAM, but it does not have a DVD drive. I looked at the Ubuntu USB blurb on installing from a USB stick. But, when I went to the link for the pendriver install I didn't see what was clear to me how to prepare a USB drive to install the ISO image I downloaded . So, can any explain to me how I might do this? The target old PC does have an older Ubuntu version installed but thought I would attempt an updated version. I would like to really install 12.04 if I can get a USB loaded to try. If not, can anyone point me where to get an older (CD Live) Ubuntu install that I can use to generate a bootable/try ISO. Thanks.

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    Re: older PC with CD for install

    eightbits2010; Sure !

    For older hardware I suggest ya run a lighter version than the flagship editions of 'buntu.
    Takes the horsepower now-a-days to run the high end editions !
    I heartily endorse Lubuntu for the pentium 4 processors .
    Lubuntu will fit on a CD.
    Get the .iso from here:

    Check the downloaded .iso integrity:

    Burn at slow speed:

    Check the disk for defects (cd boot options screen)

    Boot the liveCD to "try ubuntu" mode, insure all hardware is detected, and Lubuntu runs well on your system.

    Install and be happy !

    hope this helps
    THE current(cy) in Documentation:

    Happy ubuntu'n !

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    Re: older PC with CD for install

    If you are going for Lubuntu, 12.04 has already reached end of life (since it is not a LTS version) as has 13.04. Your only choice seems to be Lubuntu 13.10.
    As Bashing-om has already stated Lubuntu will still fit on a CD. If you want to use a flash drive, Unetbootin is probably your best bet. I have used it a dozen or so times without a problem.
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