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    Ok so here is a noobie question. I have a modem and a wireless router in the other room. I have a CAT5 running from said room to hard line my main PC. Can I place a router in this room from hardline from other room to hard line my other PC in this room as well???

    Also can I use a KVM switch to use 1 mouse and keybaord for 2 PCs and 2 monitors?

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    Re: router

    you should be able to hard wire directly from your wireless router in the other room if there is enough network ports (hardwire) on the back of that router. if you dont have enough hardwire ports you can buy a switch and plug router into switch then pc's into switch.

    kvm switchs work good. windows sometimes doesnt like waking up if it isnt selected when you try to power it on. ie keyboard missing errors etc.

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    Re: router

    Do you need an additional router? A switch would seem to be adequate.
    I'm running a KVM here (little flaky if I power with wrong computer selected).
    I have multiple boxes, but only one mouse, keyboard, and monitor.
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