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Thread: /home/frank/.dbus': Input/output error

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    /home/frank/.dbus': Input/output error

    I am hoping the subject lable will explain more and better than I.

    I have been having some problems with my installation so I did a clean install on another partition on another disk.

    There were a few hiccups along the way, but I am running now. What I wanted to do with this was recover my /home folder and copy it to a third partition so that I could keep my /home folder separate from the system files. That is background and not the subject of this thread (possibly another).

    When I tried to access the old, possibly corrupted disk, I had this error thrown up at me:

    .../home/frank/.dbus': Input/output error

    I went in using the terminal with gksu nautilus command.

    My final objective is to clean all the usable bits off of this entire disk and then format it and use it for general storage. Mostly there is nothing of value there, although there is a Keepass vault that I did not have a chance to backup and there are some other items in the old /home folder that are of newer versions that would save me some time.

    It does not look like a huge problem. Any ideas

    I have looked at other posts, but long and bitter experience tells me not to apply the solutions if they do not apply very specifically to my situation...very long and bitter experience. I might be older but this seems to be the only wisdom I have acquired.


    Frank Sirett

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    Re: /home/frank/.dbus': Input/output error

    I have just run Spinrite, being a touch impatient, and it has informed me my recalcitrant drive is on the verge of collapse.

    I am using the disk to recover what is there. Only another nine months or so, according to the trends.

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