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Thread: Uses of a home server

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    Re: Uses of a home server

    Quote Originally Posted by niall.stronge View Post
    So, in all honesty, I just want to try and get around work's "no torrent" policy without getting into trouble if I get caught
    Is it really worth it?
    Not in my book...
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    Re: Uses of a home server

    Well, there are other reasons, but that is what started me thinking about how to go about it. For example, it would be useful to have access to all my music and films without having to carry round an external drive with me. It would also give me something to do to keep my mind active while I'm waiting to get loaded onto my next course, and (hopefully) give me a bit more experience in real time networking, rather than just using virtual machines.

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    Re: Uses of a home server

    As mentioned, you can use SSH to control what your server is doing just as if you were typing at the local terminal. So what runs there, stays there, just your control is done from the remote machine.

    Also, if you want to monitor your torrents running at home you can use Transmission's web interface and tunnel access to it over SSH. Tunneling, aka port forwarding, is one of the extra things which SSH can do which is very helpful.

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