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Thread: Forum email and password

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    Forum email and password

    I use the same e-mail and password on a number of sites, including Kickstarter and this one. After Kickstarter got hacked, and recommended me to change my password, I have been going to all the sites I use this e-mail and changing my e-mail and password. I went onto and changed my password, but when I tried to logon to it didn't recognize my old password. I had to reset my password. My question is, because I changed my password on, does it affect this site too? Thanks.

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    Re: Kickstarter, Ubuntuforums, and Launchpad

    Quote Originally Posted by dbass81 View Post
    My question is, because I changed my password on, does it affect this site too? Thanks.

    Head over to and login there, to change your password.

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    Re: Forum email and password

    Thread moved to Forum Feedback & Help., and thread title amended.

    As ubudog mentions, since we changed to using Ubuntu One for SSO login, the only password that matters for the forum is the one you use in .

    I'm guessing that perhaps the presence of the password fields in "Edit Email & Password" in your personal settings for the forum misled you. You can safely ignore the password fields there, and you do not need a password to reset your forum email. All forum (vbulletin) passwords were randomised after the security breach last July and now the only forum members who need to use a vbulletin password are moderators and forum admins, which is why the password fields still need to be there.
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