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Thread: Hamachi Linux + CS 1.6 problem

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    Hamachi Linux + CS 1.6 problem

    So I got a Steam-free(ehem) version of CS1.6 from the Internet and installed Hamachi hoping I can play with friends using some vpn goodness. But whenever I connect to my friends ip provided by Hamachi, it says Local Client C only. I saw some online fixes claiming setting sv_lan 0 in CS console fixes it but it returns that it cannot connect to steam servers. Another fix claimed that I had to assign aliases to my friends (I created the network) so that they can connect to me. I tried but the assign alias command does not work (sudo hamachi vpn-alias <client-id> <assignedvpnip>). It does not respond after entering the command and after using hamachi list it shows that the vpn address is not assigned. Help please.

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    Re: Hamachi Linux + CS 1.6 problem

    i haven't found any workarround using hamachi. i have original CS and HL - i never created Steam from those two WON accounts (yes there were two won codes with those games that came in one box). and while we can play it over LAN we can't do it over internet/hamachi.

    one option i can think of is to not use hamachi but use openvpn instead. i haven't tried it yet. but you would create your own server and then asign appropriate IP to people that login.
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    Re: Hamachi Linux + CS 1.6 problem

    Quote Originally Posted by clementchiew View Post
    So I got a Steam-free(ehem) version of CS1.6 from the Internet ...
    Is this a legal version of Counter Strike and if so, please provide a link.

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