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Thread: Ubuntu detect errors during boot

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    Ubuntu detect errors during boot

    What I need is a software which detects errors even while booting. My fresh upgrade to Ubuntu 14.04 takes up to 40 secs to get the login screen. I had the same problem with Ubuntu 13.10. I have a Lenovo pc with an i5 processor at 2.5 and a 4GB ram. I tried
    PHP Code:
    sudo grep errors /var/log/boot.log 

    PHP Code:
    sudo grep errors /var/log/dmesg 
    but I did not understand the problem. Is there any software that can help me detect the errors..? I have also tried fsck but my disk is mounted and the process could not start. I have also asked in askubuntu but still no luck..
    I also attach you my bootchart.png which I have no idea of how to read..
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