I am developing a project that involves creating a product composed of hardware and software that enables interaction with various features.

I'm still in the testing phase , however , is sent to the brain of this product is a mini computer ODROID U3 , running Xubunto 13.10.

In addition to other components , I want the system refer to the use of the Kinect , or any other similar , however , for the test phase only own a Kinect.

I'm more accustomed to the language C # ( . NET ) , I used in windows environment with Visual Studio and did some games in Unity3D . The MonoDevelop looks very interesting alternative for Linux , and I'm currently testing it.

Well, as you may have noticed, I 'm new at this , and I have not much knowledge in Linux , MonoDevelop as well as Kinect , and I'm having some doubts .

I'm already trying to put the Kinect running on Linux for two days and the results are not very encouraging , installed libfreenect , nite , OpenNI and sensorKinect , but so far , the closest I got was to run one or two samples , not all work . Maybe I'm not doing things correctly ...

So loved your help , opinion or tip the following:

What is the best way to install and recognize the Kinect on Linux ?
Is it possible to run applications on computers Kinect ARM architecture ?
It is possible to develop applications for Kinect on Linux , with c# ?
Is it possible to do this with MonoDevelop ? If yes, how to install or use the wrapper for this purpose?
Does Microsoft user therms allow us to use Kinect on a different operating system, and sell a product with it?

Any help is welcome, and I want to thank the community already