Installed 14.04 on my Lenovo Thinkpad X230. Installation went very smooth (actually upgrade from 13.10). Just about everything works out of the box. Only small problem is I cannot change the screen brightness by using the "F" buttons. I can however change the brightness over the GUI. Had the same problem with 13.10 so nothing new for me. Probably has a fix somewhere but I have not been able to find it. (must admit I was not not looking that hard). Comparing 13.10 start-up and shut-down times to 14.04 I found that on my hardware 14.04 (as is at the moment) boots slower (15 seconds versus 10 seconds on 13.10) but shut down is much faster (3 seconds versus 15 seconds on 13.10) So you win some and you loose some. Big deal! I can live with that. 14.04 feels much snappier, applications with the exeption of Firefox and Thunderbird open almost instantly. Suprisingly fast is Libre Office, real improvement there, also the start page is now realy cool. Pity about Ubuntu One but DropBox is realy good. All in all I am very happy with 14.04, looks great, runs great and 99% stable so far. Only once over the last week did I see a "Ubuntu experienced a problem" and that could have been whilst I was installing the "My Weather App) by adding a ppa from a third party. So thanks to Ubuntu and the team. Great job well done!
If anyone knows a fix for the brightness buttons to function, please pass it along. Will be greatly appreciated.
(In case anyone is interested my X230 has a i7 dual core and a Samsung 840 pro SSD) I believe 14.04 now supports "Trim" on the SSD, do not know however if this is done automatically or if I need to set it up? Whatever, sounds like an improvement.