So I'm taking the trial of Qoppa Software's "PDF Studio" for a spin - quite literally the only thing stopping me from switching to Ubuntu exclusively is the lack of decent Portable Document Format (PDF) management software (I do a lot of document scanning) and this doesn't look too bad in functionality... The interface is horrible, but if it offers me Nitro Pro-like functionality (which in turn, is equivalent to the level of functionality Adobe Acrobat offers), I'll be switching to Ubuntu exclusively, immediately.

But I haven't been able to get scanning working just yet.

I follwed the instructions here (except for the try putting user ‘saned’ into group ‘lp’ part - I didn't understand it):

And was able to get scanning working without issue, when I ran SANE from Terminal... But when I try to scan with PDF Studio, I am told:
There are no SANE sources installed

Have I done something wrong? Is there something I am missing?

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated...


I am using HP Deskjet F380 All-in-One connected via a USB hub, which in turn is connected to my one remaining USB port (my computer is just about dead, and I cannot afford a new one in the foreseeable future)...

This is in the "hardware" forum because technically it is hardware related (I'm trying to get scanning working!) - my apologies however, if it was expected that I post this in a different forum.