I currently have a server and client connected through a tunnel using OpenVPN. My goal is to use the server to grab and restream the camera feed from the client, on the server using a HTML5 video tag or image tag (using mjpeg). The server has a public IP, so the idea is to allow people to view the client's video stream, through this server.
I'm using VLC, and using the graphical method, I'm able to view the video stream on VLC itself. I grabbed the stream, and restreamed it as mp4 (the first default profile). The steps I used are as follows:

  1. Media -> Stream -> Network Tab -> for network URL field, -> Stream
  2. Next -> for the destination, change from File to HTTP -> check Display Locally -> Add
  3. for the Path field, I put /stream/live/
  4. Stream.

The video shows in VLC, meaning if I use VLC to open a network stream, it works, but when I add the following lines to my index.html file on the server to try to view it in a web browser, it is unsuccessful:
<video id="id" width="640" height="480" src="http://203.xxx.yyy.zzz:8080/stream/live/" autoplay="autoplay">
where 203.xxx.yyy.zzz is the public ip address of my server.
The video doesn't show; there's only a black screen.

I don't mind if it's not a graphical solution; a command line solution is fine too, or better yet, both.

I also tried to use MJPEG to mux instead, so that I can simply display it on a webpage using an <img> tag (This would be preferred over using <video>). I created a new profile called "Video - MJPEG". Under the "Encapsulation" tab, I chose MJPEG. Under the "Video codec" tab, I checked "Video", chose the M-JPEG codec from the drop-down list, left Bitrate at 800kb/s, upped the frame rate to 30 fps, and put 1 for the resolution scale. Despite using this profile, the stream didn't show when I added<img src="203.xxx.yyy.zzz:8080/stream/live /> in my index.html. Please help!