I'm running Trusty 14.04 on Pentium D (2 CPUs) and 384MB Ram, installed from the ISO downloaded 5 days ago. While I like the speed and the install has been durable, I still don't like Unity's demand for multiple mouse clicks just to get to an app. I prefer the Gnome Top Panel with the 10-12 most-often used icons readily vailable.

So far, no update, security or otherwise, has enabled the top panel in the Gnome emulation to respond to a right-click holding Windows-alt keys, the way life used to be.

I realize I am teetering on the bleeding edge, and all should be made right by mid-April 2014. But I would like to get on with the work for which I use this computer daily.

Anyone who cares to comment, on- or -off topic, about Trusty will be welcome.

BTW, I don't understand why the name-change to TRUSTY-GNOME when it ain't Gnome!