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Thread: HP Spectre 13-3050ev Ultrabook, not certified by Ubuntu

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    HP Spectre 13-3050ev Ultrabook, not certified by Ubuntu

    Can I install ubuntu in HP Spectre 13-3050ev Ultrabook?
    I don't have problem if touch screen doesn't work...

    kind regards!

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    Re: can I install ubuntu in HP laptop (no certified by ubuntu)

    That it is very new Haswell processor and an Ultrabook make it a bit more difficult.

    Intel has offered lots of updates to not just video driver, but kernel and other support software but a lot of it has not made it into Ubuntu until 13.10, 12.04.4 and even more int 14.04. Even though 14.04 is quite a ways away some have tried it also.

    HP's also seem to have other issues. Some others.
    acpi=off worked for HP2000
    HP Envy M6
    HP Envy - Legacy boot seems to mean either UEFI or Legacy depending on which is found to boot from
    Installing Ubuntu on HP Envy-6 Details of what worked post #11

    HP to get into UEFI/BIOS menu - escape then f10 as soon as it starts. Key board issues try differnet USB ports maybe front.

    HP Manually renamed files to make it work.

    Even though a Dell it mentions some common issues with Intel chips.

    Ubuntu on the Precision M3800 or XPS15 Nov 2013

    See also link in my signature for other Ultrabook issues and suggestions. Best to try live installer in live mode and see what works (or does not).

    Intel Haswell - Linux support June 2013

    Haswell improvements thru 2013

    Intel "Haswell" System 76 Iris Pro Linux Graphics Yield Some Wins Against Windows
    For more info on UEFI boot install & repair - Regularly Updated :
    Please use Thread Tools above first post to change to [Solved] when/if answered completely.

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    Re: can I install ubuntu in HP laptop (no certified by ubuntu)

    Hi Welcome! i am writing from an old HP Laptop 2006 model. So very good chances that things will work out. However some finer and latest applications might not work correctly or not at all. You have expressed your thought that you do not mind the touch screen not working.That's a good start point.

    Best option would be to TRY Ubuntu from a CD. If it works then go ahead and install; if not you can maintain with you current operating system till Ubuntu has all the drivers for your system.

    These links might help you.

    link for downloading Ubuntu 12.04
    link for making a DVD?CD
    link for running Ubuntu from a CD
    link for configuring BIOS

    Good Luck
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