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Thread: Is it possible my activity to be tracked

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    Re: Is it possible my activity to be tracked

    Some companies forbid all non-business-related (THEIR business) use of company resources.

    Some companies allow or even encourage music or similar. Some allow news sites or similar when you're on break.

    If you have to wonder if something is OK and are afraid to ask, then you already know the answer.
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    Re: Is it possible my activity to be tracked


    In order to track you (or any other employs) the sys admin must implement a machine tracker app (or in its pro name a key logger + trojan to capture screen shots,

    network connections etc. in addition to that he must tap the server or the proxy of the organization.

    having a simple wifi router wont be enough for that.

    any way in order to evade any kind of surveillance you need to:

    1. use your personal laptop - ubuntu OS is much more secured than windows

    2. when you browse the web use any kind of VPN (like TOR witch is free or the paid ones like hid my ass etc...)

    3. as long as you use VPN the chance to track you is flimsy

    for any more information about tracking and tapping you can write to me in private

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