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Thread: understanding mod_rewrite for apache

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    understanding mod_rewrite for apache

    hello. after reading several articles about mod_rewrite or reverse proxying im still really confused about it. given the fact im still learning about server administration.

    to simply explain my situation, i have this webserver, and this server contains 1 website only which can be accessed by
    http://<some ip>/website

    i gave this website to some security dept. for vulnerability scanning and was told that i need to configure my mod_rewrite rules. my question is how?

    he gave me a document exactly similar to this

    the document suggests to apply a patch

    currently my apache version is :
    Server version: Apache/2.2.22 (Ubuntu)
    Server built:   Mar  8 2013 15:53:09
    or update configuration to something like

    RewriteRule /(.*)\.(jpg|gif|png)$1.$2 [P]
    im assuming, since im using the 2.2.22, patch seems to be unnecessary anymore which leaves me to the configuration.

    where and how do i change my RewriteRules
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    Re: apache - secure reverse proxying

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    Re: understanding mod_rewrite for apache

    I havn't played around with apache enough recently to know exactly where your 'rewrite rules' are located, but you can find them yourself with
    $ find /etc/apache -type f -exec grep -l -i 'RewriteRule' '{}' \;
    This will list all of the files that are in your /etc/apache directory that contain the word 'RewriteRule'. Its probably gonna be in some directory named 'sites-available'. Its at least a start on how to fix your problem.

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    Re: understanding mod_rewrite for apache

    As I have answered this very question on another forum, if my answer is inadequate, or incorrect, I would appreciate knowing that it is deficient in any regard.
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    Or.... you could just be "fact checking" my answer? Which I got from here...
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