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Thread: Lots of 14.04 LTS issues

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    Lots of 14.04 LTS issues

    Every time I upgrade to a new version (9.04, 10.04, 12.04LTS, and now 14.04LTS) I'm discouraged at the number of problems I find. Are Ubuntu developers just too busy on the Next Big Thing to ever fix some of these issues?

    Here are a couple I haven't been able to resolve, if anyone can help. I'm running Gnome Metacity (too many bugs in Unity).

    Archive files allegedly open with "Archive Mounter" by default, though I see no evidence of this. I can't change it to file roller with "Open with" because, as I've seen before, there is no "Applications" category listed under the options. Why not? Can't that be added?

    I tried adding Archive Manager (file-roller) to the System menu using menulibre (since, of course, you still can't use alacarte to add categories), but that had no effect on the "Open with" menu, although Archive Manager does appear under System now on the Applications drop-down (but not the "Open with" menu).

    Can anyone advise me how to get the right-click, "Open with" dialog to include the Accessories category (and explain why it isn't in there)?

    Also, after opening menulibre and making changes, neither it or alacarte will work again, giving me "ERROR:/build/buildd/gnome-menus-3.10.1/./libmenu/gmenu-tree.c:4022reprocess_layout_info: assertion failed: (!directory->preprocessed)." I have to delete the ~/.config/menus file to get it back.

    Side note: like every other flavor of Ubuntu I've used, the Software Update settings seems to be some sort of practical joke. I have mine set (again) to update weekly and I get update requests (again) every day. Any way of getting it to do what it's supposed?

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    Re: Lots of 14.04 LTS issues

    I'm sure people will try to help. One request, it would help others if you ask one specific question per thread. Thanks, and welcome here!
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    Re: Lots of 14.04 LTS issues

    Yes, please. One item per thread.

    Also, please attempt to be civil and polite. Making snide remarks is likely to keep you from getting help.

    Please start a new thread for each individual problem.
    Please read The Forum Rules and The Forum Posting Guidelines
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    Re: Lots of 14.04 LTS issues

    Sorry for any "snideness." As a software developer, and former owner of a software development business, I'm just weary of so many problems that shouldn't be in a software release.

    So one question: how to add "Accessories" to the right-click "Open with" context menu?

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