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Thread: Weird response code from modem

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    Weird response code from modem


    Trying to get ncidd ( the Network Called ID sourceforge project ) to hangup on blacklisted numbers, and it recognises them, but this is what I get in the logs:

    Blacklist Match #01: 00000-123456 number: 00000-123456 name: NO NAME
    Sent Modem 4 of 4 characters:
    Modem response: 11 characters in 2 reads:

    Sent Modem 7 of 7 characters:
    AT H1
    Modem response: 15 characters in 7 reads:

    I'm perplexed by that last response, any ideas?

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    Re: Weird response code from modem

    Hi Nick,

    Have you set the modem to the correct country? This is one thing that set me back on my set up. The easiest way I found to do this was to use a windows machine, then select properties and you can then select the correct counry from there. I see that you have also posted this query on the NCID support log, John and Todd on there are very helpful and have already replied to your post, when I had my issues those two, along with other, were very supportive and did fix my errors. If you can tell them/me more about your set up then hopefully we can get you up and running.


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    Re: Weird response code from modem

    Ah, thanks for the tip - I thought I'd subscribed to updates on that thread but obviously not...

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