I only installed 13.10 a few days ago and was helped to overcome the booting up problem. However, now that it is working I find that the OS will freeze in two stages: first; all running applications halt but the mouse will still move the cursor, without any resulting action. Second; the cursor freezes, now the system is totally locked and can only be sorted with a hard reset.

This has happened three times so far; once when saving files in Rawtherpee, twice when using Firefox and entering ebay items. I will keep on with it to see if there is any kind of pattern to this. In the meantime, could there be a hardware problem that is causing this. When I was previously running Ubuntu 10.xx on the same machine, it never failed, however, the one hardware change since then has been to replace the video card. I had Windows trouble caused by the old video card, but never any Windows trouble with the new card - this may of course, be irrelevant to Ubuntu.

Can anyone advise please.