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Thread: D-Link connection closed

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    D-Link connection closed

    From: lumaja2 Ref: Connect D-Link DWM-156 This was closed by Bucky Ball. Not complaining but explaining what happen. I am raw on this and tried to correct and send the text correctly my only mistake was not checking with Preview Post before Click Quick Reply. I don’t have Windows and work with LibreOffice, from Terminal copied to LibreOffice Writer, because cannot find a way to correct the text I contact LibreOffice Forum and this is the answer: Luis, how are you getting the content (which looks like output from dmesg) into Writer? Are you cutting from the terminal and pasting into Writer? Writer is probably not a good choice for basic text from the terminal. A basic text editor (gedit?) may be better. I have some urgency of this to be connect, moving house on 18 February I have a router connected to the phone line and where I go will not have this connection for a month or two, this is why I got the dongle D-link. So Please kindly reopen the thread and I will send a Terminal result from gedit and if still not correct just inform and I will again contact LibreOffice forum until come correct. Thank you

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    Re: D-Link connection closed

    I've cleaned your post up as best as I can and reopened it.

    In future

    Please use code tags - if you are using New Reply button - highlight text and use the # button in the text box header.

    If using Quick Reply then [code] at the beginning and [/code] at the end.

    People helping are volunteers - if they come across unreadable posts like yours then they are just going to move along to one that they can actually read.

    I don't expect to see anymore of your posts unformatted with code or, where applicable, quote tags.


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