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Thread: 13.10 tweaks?

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    13.10 tweaks?

    I installed 13.10 after 11.04 is no longer supported. And I am kinda of disappointent in the performance 11 used around 200 meg of ram and ran smooth and fast.

    13.10 uses alot of memory and processors seem to be high.S566RQ~Z.PNG

    Can I remove unity and install docky will this help out on memory

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    Re: 13.10 tweaks?

    Well, the standard Ubuntu version is growing with the current computers. If you want to run Ubuntu in an old computer, you can select another desktop environment, which you do by installing the lightweight flavour Xubuntu or the ultra-light-weight flavour Lubuntu.

    If you have already installed Ubuntu, and don't want to reinstall, you can add the corresponding desktop(s)

    sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop 
    sudo apt-get install lubuntu-desktop
    and switch between them at the login screen. Click the round symbol according to the attached picture.

    Edit: If you have problems with the newest version, you can also try some flavour, re-spin or distro based on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS with long time support.
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    Re: 13.10 tweaks?

    System monitor causes quite some CPU load itself. You also send quite some data, so I assume you have some processes running. Try top (in a terminal) to get a better idea of CPU usage.

    It's true that 13.10 uses a lot more memory than 11.04. Still, with 16GB of it, you're far from the point where you should worry. It's still only 5.5% of your memory (including processes other than the OS), which is almost negligible.

    If you really want to reduce memory usage, use a lighter desktop environment, like xfce. But I would only do so for other reasons, not because of memory usage.


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