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Thread: Ubuntu on hybrids

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    Smile Ubuntu on hybrids

    Hi guys

    in the sad absence of brainstorm I am going to post this here.

    I am looking at getting myself a hybrid laptop some time this year and I would like to run Ubuntu on it. Thing is, in tablet mode i want it to run the touch interface and in laptop mode a regular GUI - Cinnamon in my case. I have messed around a litlte bit with 13.10 in a VM and Touch clearly needs some telephony dependencies that are not available.

    I would ask that Canonical make the following things possible:

    - run Touch on regular Intel based HW
    - make it possible to dynamically switch between desktop environments without losing running tasks, ideally triggered by a switch that denotes which state the machine is in.

    What do people think?


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    Re: Ubuntu on hybrids

    Thread moved to Ubuntu, Linux and OS Chat.


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