I'm trying to make sure that only the right analog stick on my wired xbox 360 controller would be restricted to fourway only using xboxdrv. If I figured out the man pages correctly, that would mean that I'd have to start xboxdrv with the following option: --modifier 4wayrest=x2:y2

Using jstest-gtk for testing purposes, I notice both my analog sticks however are limited to 4way's only, while, if I'm interpreting the man page correctly, this would be the proper way to single out only one stick.

Am I missing something here or might I have run in some kind of issue?

If any alternatives might be offered, I want to do this because I mapped n64 buttons to the right stick. This is downright annoying when the stick is configured normally, as it trigger all kinds of stuff I don't want it to (playing loz). I thought the four way restriction might help (and it does), except my let analog stick is restricted as well, which means I can't run perfect circles anymore