I am trying to get Ubuntu 13.10 x64 to auto login to a user account, the user's keyring and a ssh key so when I run rsync from the startup applications is does not ask for a password. When I set the user account to not auto login, the keyring and ssh key unlock correctly and rsync runs without asking for a password. However, when I change the user account to auto login this no longer works. I tried opening seahorse and setting the login password to blank but the ssh key was still not open on a restart with the user auto loggin in.

I also noticed that when the user account is set to auto login "off". the password pop up has a checkbox for auto login. When the user account is set to auto login "on" the check box no longer appears on the password pop up.

I want the auto login since this is my media center. It boots to the user desktop and auto starts XBMC and rsync. Rsync at startup will ensure all the new media is on it.

I tried searching the forms and google but I did not find anything that worked. This is my first Ubuntu forums post so I apologize if this is not in the correct area or I did not included needed information.