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Thread: Lemur Ultra (lemu4) battery not charging to 100%

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    Question Lemur Ultra (lemu4) battery not charging to 100%

    Hi all:

    I have a Lemur Ultra (lemu4) from August 2012 running Ubuntu 12.04 LTS. Beginning 2 weeks ago, the battery charging stops at around 60%. As a result, I only get around 1:10 hours of battery life, whereas I used to get around 2 hours. One step I tried was using all the battery until the laptop goes to sleep, then plug in the charging. However, this has had no effect on the problem or I may have followed the drain+charge steps incorrectly. Any ideas or fixes as to why the battery does not charge to 100%?
    I hope it's not a short-lived battery, which I have to spend $95+shipping to buy a new one from System 76.


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    Re: Lemur Ultra (lemu4) battery not charging to 100%

    I have an even younger Lemur Ultra 4 (lemu4) purchased in January of 2013. The battery is failing rapidly. Currently, the maximum charge it holds is 50% of the design spec. When it was new, it actually exceed the spec. Now the battery is only good for an hour or so. It seems to me that the battery is simply of poor quality. I would have expected at least 1000 charging cycles before this sort of degredation. Does anyone know of an alternate replacements battery that would fit? I'd rather not shell out $95 for another battery that's only likely to last a year.

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    Re: Lemur Ultra (lemu4) battery not charging to 100%

    Google the part number on the battery. But it is not much cheaper unless you go Ali-Express.


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