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    Cloud Software

    I wonder if there's a good cloud software other than Dropbox and Ubuntu One that can be used for Ubuntu users. Has there been any attempt to make Google Drive and Amazon Cloud accessible to Linux users for example? Thanks much.


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    Re: Cloud Software

    You can run your own cloud with a few of them.
    * owncloud (meh)
    * rsync over ssh - what I use.
    * tonido, pogoplug, etc. (and a few similar tiny disk+NAS devices), but these require you to trust a 3rd party. ists services, if you want to put your data on someone else's computer. SpiderOak has a good reputation at my LUG. I've never used any of these ... well, I had to use sugarsync for a year because my boss did, but they didn't have a Linux client and didn't plan to.

    I've played with ownCloud, but not since last July. Looks like a personal issue based on many other people finding it to work fine. Both myself and a buddy tried and found too many issues to continue.

    I've been using rsync over ssh for 15+ yrs. It works and can be automated. I use this for my password manager data files, but not much else.

    RMS is famous for many statements over the years. This is one I like the most -
    Cloud Computing is Careless Computing.
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    Re: Cloud Software

    Google Drive is accessible via Google's site but I believe they have not released a Linux app.

    Don't know about Amazon.

    Build-it-yourself toolsets like OwnCloud are not especially user-friendly and require access to a server.

    Upload speed is often a limiting factor using cloud services as full-scale backup resources. Doing an initial backup of a typical system can takes days, if not weeks. It might be less tedious and, in the long run, no more expensive, to buy a portable external drive. Or two, and arrange to keep the second one in a different location. (Lest your only backup drive melt when your house burns down.)

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    Re: Cloud Software

    I use Wuala. It's encrypted, which none of the third-party suggestions are. (The password never leaves your computer, so Wuala staff don't know it, and can't find it)
    Anf if you're from Europe, it's a European company!

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    Re: Cloud Software

    Quote Originally Posted by ron177 View Post
    Has there been any attempt to make Google Drive and Amazon Cloud accessible to Linux users for example? Thanks much.

    There's a plethora of Amazon clients available to Linux users: and for starters.
    Both manage S3 "buckets" and their contents pretty well.

    Security (encrypt contents+password) should be done on your end before uploading.
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