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Thread: Black Screen Issue During Installation from Ubuntu bootable USB

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    Black Screen Issue During Installation from Ubuntu bootable USB

    - MSI GE60 with Nvidia GTX 765M and pre-installed Windows 8 (that I'm trying to get rid of)
    - Inside BIOS:
    1) Secure Boot disabled
    2) Fast Boot disabled
    3) Boot mode UEFI with CSM
    - Ubuntu 13.10 64 bits on bootable USB, made with Rufus 1.4.3: MBR with BIOS/UEFI

    Hello everyone,
    When I boot from the USB stick, I choose 'Install Ubuntu' from menu and ... black screen

    I had the feeling this issue has something to do with the fact that the latest Nvidia Graphics drivers are not provided on the bootable Ubuntu:

    1) If I modify the file \boot\grub\grub.cfg to insert 'nomodeset' before 'quiet splash' and select option 2) during the boot, I get the same result: black screen.
    2) I heard about 'Melchior' which is supposed to be able to customize the bootable Ubuntu, but I was unable to locate it on the Internet.

    How can I install Nvidia drivers on the USB stick and make them installed with Ubuntu?
    Or maybe someone has another solution?
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