Hi everybody! I just finished copying some 200GB worth of films from a home server (NAS like box that is also my modem, it is the network provider box) to an 1TB external usb hard disk (3.5'' disk internal disk in a usb casing) that I have connected to my laptop (because I will change provider and I have to give them their box back). I accidentally dropped my hard disk on the floor by stepping on the power cable (about middle way through the copying process). The impact was light, no visible damage done, copying continued normally for some hours (i was doing this trough wi-fi) and no error messages. However, I would really like to check that indeed the files where copied well on my hard disk (regardless of the hard disk being dropped, but now i think i really should). I am not sure how to do this, I think I must use rsync or something similar. Please advice on command line tools not GUIs like Krusader. I can connect to my server via ftp. Thanks in advance!