I installed Ubuntu Server on a machine. I am planning to use this machine only as a source repository between myself and some others. I did the installation and when asked to enter account details I entered my own details (my username, my password, my name). This means that when I login, if I want to do something that requires root privileges then I am asked to enter MY password.

Now this is all learn in progress for me. I thought what if I am no longer available? Shoudl the root access be linked only to my account? Or should root have it's own password? I opted for the latter and gave root its own password!

My reasoning WAS NOT that one can login using root, but rather that a person logged in on the machine needs to know the root password rather then just his own password to do some change. However I noticed that now I can login as root. I do not like this as logs will not show who actually did the change!

Therefore I am unsure if what I did was good or bad.

any advice?